Planning a Canoeing Trip in Canada

Canada is home to dozens of beautiful and exciting rivers. Whether you want to explore the wilderness in the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, the Barren Lands, Ontario, or Quebec there’s at least one river nearby that can carry you through the area.

Of course, every river will be a little different. Some are famous for the wildlife along there shores while others are well-known for their rapids. More importantly, some rivers are more suited for novices than others. If you are an inexperienced paddler, you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of some class three rapids by yourself. Consequently, many people decide to jump into the adventure with the guidance of an experienced canoeing outfitter. In addition to canoeing skill and familiarity with the rivers, a canoeing outfitter also provides travelers with all the equipment, food and transportation needed for the journey. This means you can be as safe and carefree as possible during your vacation on the river.

Another nice thing about using an established outfitter to help plan your Canada canoe trip is that they usually provide a wide variety of choices. This means it will be easy to select a trip that fits your interests and needs. For example, many outfitters can accommodate everyone from families with small children to individual skilled adventurers. In addition to planning trips for different skill levels and group sizes, they are mindful of your time as well. Some trips last less than a week while others can be as long as twenty-eight days.

Although there are dozens of rivers in Canada that are suited for canoeing, three of the most poplar rivers are the Nahanni, Coppermine and Dumoine. The following descriptions should provide a glimpse of what these amazing rivers have to offer.

Nahanni River
The Nahanni River, which is located in the Northwest Territories, is one of the most famous rivers in Canada. Over the course of 500km it drops 4,000 vertical feet in swift rapids and waterfalls. Virginia Falls, which cascades from a cliff twice the height of Niagara, is just one of the many worthwhile sights along the Nahanni. Paddlers will also enjoy colorful canyons, towering rock formation, mountain views, and wildlife such as bison, moose and bears. There are also some warm springs along the river that can help soothe sore muscles from paddling. In spite of the challenges on this river, beginners can make the run with guides.

Coppermine River
If you have some river canoeing experience, the Coppermine River might be a good choice. With level one, two and three rapids, the river itself will compete for your attention as much as the caribou, eagles and moose along the shore will. Fishing is also great on the Coppermine River.

There are several kinds of water terrain on the Dumoine River which means that paddlers can test their strength against rapids and enjoy relaxing stretches on smooth chutes and intermittent lakes. Another nice thing about the Dumoine River is that navigation is easy no matter how high or low the water levels becomes.

To learn more about these rivers and others, visit Black Feather organized outdoor adventure trips all over the world and they can provide everything you need for an unforgettable Canada canoe trip. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.