5 Advantages Of Catalina Sail Boats

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In case you are interested in a sail boat that is sloop rigged, then the Catalina boat is one with many advantages. For a long while this has been thought of as a multi purpose trailer boat. The designs of the Catalina boat are classic and are very popular. They are part of the Sailboat hall of fame of America. These Catalina boats are a centre board sail boat or a keel. It is comparable to a 30 foot American cruising yacht.

The reason for the popularity of the Catalina :

1. Adaptability :
The most popular feature of the Catalina boat is the adaptability of the boat. Though it is very comfortable for a one day trip it can also accommodate several people in the cabin for longer periods of stay with longer voyages. It is capable of carrying several passengers with the crew on picnics and long distance jaunts.

2. Robustness :
Its construction of a full fiberglass hull coating, huge key winch and two lesser winches, Mooring cleats made of stainless steel, anchor lockers lined with stainless steel binnacle compasses, wing lead keels or fin, Dutchman Flaking systems together with fully batten mains, and many other such features that make this a unique boat to sail, which excessively adds on to its popularity. All these features are given as basic ones to the various models of Catalina sail boat.

3. Spacious interiors :
The interiors are so designed to give plenty of space to the passenger. Everyone can get to sleep comfortably with enough space. Whatever the size of the boat, the cabins are large and roomy. The interiors are also done up very lavishly with good wood, large water heaters that can supply enough hot water even if there is a family on board, and many other features that give a lot of comfort to the voyager.

The Catalina has put in huge refrigerators, ovens with ample space, shades on the windows, dual sinks made of stainless steel, proper shower stalls, and to give added comfort and support the mattress have innersprings. All these comforts come with the boat as a whole package and are at no extra cost.

4. Storage place in plenty :
There is a lot of storage space on the Catalina with 14 drawers to accommodate all the gear and whatever else has to be put away. The spacious and sizeable atmosphere is extended to the storing area also and gives the sail boat a roomy air about it. Safety gear and other equipment can all be put away carefully so that there is no damage to them in thee large built in drawers.

5. Resale value :
All the other factors that make the Catalina an immensely popular boat, do not compare to the final one that is the resale worth. Many boat owners who have sold their crafts have assessed this as the best resale value one among all the American boats.

Because of the above reasons, Catilana boats have always been a very popular choice!

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